Availablity and Usage

Bridge Availability and Usage

About availability and usage indicators

Data about the availability and use of technology services allows libraries to identify discrepancies in resource allocation. Furthermore, with standardized, comparable data across Ontario public library systems, libraries can more effectively advocate for increased resources and sustained funding to address gaps – with the ultimate goal of achieving equitable digital access and inclusion across the province.

Bridge Availability and Usage

Administering data collection and input

The Availability and Usage monthly data input interface allows libraries to collect streamlined consistent data metrics across the Bridge standard technology categories on an ongoing basis. It is conveniently organized by month/year and libraries have the flexibility to input data whenever it is feasible, as data can be backdated. The interface allows libraries to track their progress of completion and review historical data at any time. The list of data metrics are expansive and are meant to assist in identifying gaps and enhance goals for data collection. Libraries are encouraged to complete as many data metrics as is feasible for their library and maintain data inputting on a monthly basis. Libraries have access to corresponding report and flat file download features.

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